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With Personal Fitness Trainer Andreas Eisenrigler

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Personal Fitness Training for men & women

Health, balance, performance

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Beach figure, muscles, dream body

Lächeln Fit Modell

The even better version of you

If you want to get out more for yourself and your visual demands on yourself are higher, then I will plan your training accordingly more extensive.


  • The highest possible muscle content with the least possible fat

  • The idea of performance is clearly in the foreground

  • Nutrition takes on an even greater significance


In a visually dominated world, it is important to know the rules of the game. In the times of Instagram and Facebook, expectations are raised that cannot be realized by normal means.


The important thing is to make the best of your possibilities to be your best version.


The following questions are appropriate here:


  • Do you want to diet 365 days a year?

  • Do you have the leisure to put the fitness lifestyle into the centre of your life?

  • Can you accept that you are genetically limited and that extreme muscles and extremely low fat content are contradictory?


The better version of you

Experience shows that this is what the majority of my customers want. The classics are:


  • The general desire for health, including ideal weight, good physical condition, blood pressure within the normal range 

  • Compensation for sedentary activity, including pain-free back, mobility and general movement

  • Performance in order to be able to survive at work and in everyday life, i.e. less fat, more muscles, efficient heart, hormones in balance


All these points are ultimately interrelated. An appropriate diet and regular workouts are the cornerstones. Everyone should be able to enjoy the great feeling that comes with more fitness. The fun and energy that you will gain is well worth it.


Your advantages in personal fitness training:

  • Efficiency - use your precious time optimally

  • Motivation - everything goes better with two

  • Guaranteed success - your training is constantly adapted

  • Termination - Your bastard has no chance


Customer feedback


Stefan U., Webentwickler

"In a very friendly atmosphere, Andreas takes me to my limits several times a week with workouts individually tailored to my goals! Already after a few weeks I felt a lot of muscles that seemed to be unprecedented before. Even after several months, the training is extremely varied. With helpful tips on nutrition, music of my choice and under the motivating & professional guidance of Andres it is simply fun to get yourself in shape!


Christburger Strasse 23, 10405 Berlin

+49 176 343 580 74

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