About me

Who I am, what I stand for

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The person

born 81, father of a family


Having turned my own passion into my profession, I have been working as a personal fitness trainer and nutritionist since 2007. I am represented at several locations throughout Berlin and also offer home visits. My clients are both male and female and represent all age groups.


As a course trainer, I run course formats such as Total Body Workout, BBP as well as abdominal and back courses at various locations.


Personally, I prefer classic strength training with free weights, on machines and with my own body. Functional training and targeted training for mobilization and mobility have been gaining more and more importance for some time now. In addition to the many advantages that fitness training offers, the health aspect is of great importance to me as a family man. 

I stick to a clearly calm and concentrated training style and train very instinct-based.

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Honesty & Authenticity


With me you are in the best hands if you value exclusively personal care. You won't find a ready-made training plan for download here, instead I will go the direct and sustainable way of change together with you. As is well known, many roads lead to Rome and through my more than 20 years of training experience as well as my more than 10 years of professional experience as a personal fitness trainer, I will show you the way that works most effectively and motivates you. True to the motto: 'CrossFit is great, but not everybody likes it' or: 'Interval fasting works, but not for everybody without breakfast'.


10-week programs don't work because someone has found the holy grail of perfect training planning, but simply because you go 10 weeks into the action. It's called cause-and-effect. But then what?



One's own body can be optimized and shaped to a certain extent in terms of appearance, but not fundamentally.

Extreme changes can basically only occur if someone A) is in an extremely bad current state or B) declares training and nutrition to be life topic no. 1 or C) is on steroids.


Just as caries appears as soon as brushing is stopped, the body changes as soon as movement is reduced or stopped. It therefore makes no sense for most people to follow their programme for a certain period of time and then drop everything. My approach is therefore a healthy middle course without extremes, which can then become flesh and blood and can be integrated well into the normal old day.


I see my main task in getting you regularly into the action, because that's exactly what it fails in the first place and not because your pulse was 5 beats above the theoretical optimum or because your elbows were a little bit too far out when doing push-ups. I am your expert for the right technique and planning, but first and foremost I am your driving force to get or stay in the action.


If you can manage without me in the future, it will be a win-win situation for both of us. If you want to continue training with me, simply because you enjoy training with me, then we are both winners.


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