Nutritional advice

Professional based on a nutritional analysis

In the context of fitness training, not in the medical field

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An appropriate diet is essential if you want to be successful in one or more of your projects:

  • Losing weight / weight reduction / fat burning

  • build muscle

  • Improve condition

  • Just feel good

The always popular saying 'You are what you eat' is right on the mark here. The more natural the better. Not the extreme, but healthy mediocrity should be the goal. It is not about massive, short-term restrictions but about a long-term nutritional guide.

Procedure of the nutritional analysis:

  • Create a nutrition diary - over a period of several days you keep a record of your nutrition. This is really very easy, you just have to write down everything exactly 

  • Personal appointment / evaluation - Where are you good, what can be better and what can't be done at all. Always related to your project

  • Recommendations - practical answers to the questions 'What? How much? When? Why?

Duration: about 60 minutes / 89 € 

Now make sure that your fitness training can function optimally
With nutritional advice tailored to you and your plans